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Aug 13,  · The best iPhone apps for craigslist. Qwilo Craigslist Mobile App. Get for free. Qwilo is an officially licensed Craigslist app that takes the best features of Craigslist and combines it into one handy, portable, and reliable app. The app features all of the Craigslist countries, and allows you to select only those that are of interest to. Classified Listings Mobile - for Craigslist & more is a very easy to use application that Allows users to search million of Classified ads posted on, Buy Sell Now, Hoobly, OODLE, From our application and from website. You can also apply filters on your search like you can do on Website. Classified Listings Mobile - for Classified ads was originally created as a mobile solution Language: English. Lifelike Apps, Inc. CPlus for Craigslist - Officially Licensed. YanFlex. The best free mobile app for browsing, searching and posting on Craigslist. Classified Listings Mobile - for Craigslist & more. MTPH Software. Free App for Craigslist, Buy Sell Now, Hoobly,and more Classified easymoneytltpg.tkge: English.

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Craigslist is a great place to buy and sell stuff online, and whether you're hunting for apartments, looking for a great deal, or have something to sell, we think Mokriya is your best bet for using Craiglist on your Android device.

It's fast, flexible, looks beautiful, and has all the features you'll need. We've highlighted Mokriya's benefits in the pastand the app has only improved since we last looked at it.

The UI is gorgeous on small and large devices, best craigslist mobile apps, and while the transitions have that kind of "fade-in" style delay that can feel slow best craigslist mobile apps older devices, they worked well on our test phones and never left us wondering when something was going to load.

Switching categories and locations from the top drop-down menu was a snap, best craigslist mobile apps, and your results refresh instantly as soon as you do.

Toggling between recent and lowest price is easy too, and the big photos in the listing view make it easy to decide what to look at more closely and what to skip. When you do tap a result to take a closer look, the gallery at the top of the view is a nice touch, along with the option to swipe to see more photos. How recent the listing is is listed right there under the photo, and the quick button to view the listing in your browser is at the bottom of the description, right where you figure it would be.

Buttons to contact the poster, favorite, and share are nicely placed, and the app doesn't waste screen space with navigation buttons—you can use the back button freely and know exactly what it does. Search and alerts work the way you would expect them to, but it's also nice to have the option to create alerts with notifications as well as save searches for future reference.

Sometimes it's nice to be able to save a search without being notified every time there's a new listing that matches my preferences. That's a really nice perk, and while it may mean there's a pro version incoming or another best craigslist mobile apps uplift, it still makes all of our favorite features completely free for everyone—a big move when most of the other Craigslist apps at Google Play are either simple web wrappers with no stand-out features, or holding some of those features back behind in-app premium purchases.

Plus, it helps that the developers are extremely responsive, and actively working on the app, squashing bugs and adding new features. Mokriya is a pretty solid app, but there are a few quirks. In our tests, we caught the app flickering and refreshing several times when we changed categories or switched from "recent" to "low price" every now and again.

Nothing serious, but it put us off a little bit, especially when one or two of the refreshes changed the order of the listings. Similarly, we did run into a bug here and there when the app would tell us there were no listings at all in a given category, but when we changed categories and searched for something else, it would return best craigslist mobile apps results we were looking for.

It's an odd quirk, best craigslist mobile apps, but one to keep an eye out for if you download the app. Finally, while Mokriya doesn't waste a ton of space with its own navigation, best craigslist mobile apps, it's not always super intuitive how to do things like view listings on a map, for example, but that's another minor nit.

It's just as powerful, and while it takes a more no-nonsense, less-design focused approach to its interface, it still gives you the information you need, lets you customize searches and set up alerts and notifications for new listings, packs powerful filters to narrow your search results, best craigslist mobile apps, and more.

It starts you off best craigslist mobile apps a search screen to select your cities yes, it can search multiple cities at once and categories, then moves on to your results. You can save searches from the search screen, and even swipe away unwanted listings so you don't see them again.

There's a reason it's our favorite pick over on iOS. It's a solid app, and best craigslist mobile apps you'll need to pony up a few bucks via in-app purchase best craigslist mobile apps unlock additional features, it's still a great app and worth trying out. Craigslist for Android CLapp Free, In-App Purchases is another solid contender that's much more than a simple web wrapper for Craigslist search results.

CLapp also lets you search multiple cities and locations, view your results in a list or a grid, focus on the photos, bookmark favorite posts, and get in touch with posters right through the app. A few people report that app is glitchy, but we didn't run into issues with it. If you have an Android tablet, the app may be especially worth a look, since it has a tablet-optimized version currently in beta. CityShop Free is another solid Craigslist app that's a bit more spartan and simple when it comes to design and features, but it's probably the easiest to use of the bunch.

Large menus and big buttons make everything easy to navigate, and search results are a simple top-to-bottom scroll. It's a solid app, and we're including it because it's well regarded and we've had good experiences with it in the past, but a number of users are reporting that a recent updated has killed the search feature so only one result displays for every search.

It's an app-killing bug, but one we can't imagine won't be fixed shortly—although it has been over a month since the last update. These aren't the only Craigslist apps at Google Play though—there are several others, but most of them are simple web wrappers for the mobile site, and many of them demand some pretty intrusive permissions for features they don't offer, so we'd recommend you look closely before installing.

We caught at least one developer offering two versions of essentially the same app at Google Play just to get out from under bugs and bad reviews, and others that are pretty much custom navigation over top of the mobile site rendered in Chrome, so keep an eye out before downloading.

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- Great mobile optimization for easy readability and functionality. CPlus for Craigslist is a Free to use app! Stay tuned to get updates and constant improvements and new features from us, regularly. Let us know your valuable feedback at [email protected] or show us your support by rating us/5(K). Nov 08,  · Like Craigslist on steroids, CPlus Pro offers tremendous extra features that make browsing and searching on Craigslist very smoothly. Since its release, it has been and will be continuously updated and improved to make it the best Craigslist client for your Windows device. Key features: Automatically finds nearby cities. - Multiple city search.4/5(). Aug 13,  · The best iPhone apps for craigslist. Qwilo Craigslist Mobile App. Get for free. Qwilo is an officially licensed Craigslist app that takes the best features of Craigslist and combines it into one handy, portable, and reliable app. The app features all of the Craigslist countries, and allows you to select only those that are of interest to.